Wishing You the Merriest of Holidays!!

I had planned to post various recipes for sugar cookies – and was going to call the series ‘The Sugar Cookie Experiment’, but as sometimes happens, life & The Holidays just got in the way.  

I didn’t return from my trip to Italy until late November and, before we could even begin thinking about Christmas, my son and I had to clean out the barn and put away all my outdoor furniture  …. a big and ‘not fun’ project.

Then began the lugging to and fro of lots and lots of Christmas stuff from the 2nd floor of the barn, such as lots of extra chairs and leaves for two tables, wrapping paper, bows and ribbons, plates and platters, tree decorations and lights etc. etc.  (Hay had been kept, many years ago, on the 2nd floor of the barn.  It’s so cute up there with all the gables and the quaint ‘tack room’ from the days when the barn housed horses that I’d love to fix it up sometime with a pool table etc.)

For the first time in years I have a real, live Christmas Tree. I am so in love with it!  This year I had an ‘assistant’ in the form of one of my sons, who helped me pick out a lovely tree and set it up. The decorating he left to me, which was fine ’cause I love decorating for Christmas.  

The lamp my friend Frank made me, based on A Christmas Story, still ‘blazes forth in all it’s glory’!

Christmas 2015 002

As you may remember, our moth-eaten but much beloved angel is placed at the top of the tree by one of my grandchildren.  

Our Traditional Christmas Angel - My Yellow Farmhouse.com

Every year our family celebrates what we call Our Roy Christmas in the middle of December.  This year it was Saturday, December 12th and entailed lots of gift buying, gift wrapping, decorating and cooking which had to be done almost two weeks before the 25th!  Somehow – we manage to pull it off each year – and it’s always so much fun.  

Christmas 2015 - 4 001

My yellow farmhouse looked so festive and just so downright happy that I decided to host another party this past weekend.  As I often do, I prepare several heavy appetizers and ask others to also bring something to share.  We always end up with copious amounts of delicious things to eat!

++  A few photos from my December 19th party!  ++  

The cage with my parakeets, Linda (who’s a boy..) and Skye can be seen in the background.  They loved all the noise!

christmas party -1 2015

Christmas pary 2015

Christmas party 2015 2a

 I promise to post a few of the recipes from this year’s parties before New Year’s Eve!!

Christmas 2015 - copy

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23 thoughts on “Wishing You the Merriest of Holidays!!

  1. Thanks Karen! I’m sooo behind in keeping up with the blogs I follow…. including yours. I’m gonna go there right now! Happy New Year Karen and wishing you all the very best !!


  2. Sorry I’m so late to the party, Cecile. Your home looks so very nice for the Christmas Season. It looks especially warm with friends and family gathered to celebrate, All that’s missing is snow on the lawn on the other side of your windows. Love the lamp made by those Italian “Fragile” people. LOL
    I hope you’re continuing the party and that 2016 is a very good one for you and yours. XOX


    1. And here your second comment that ended up in SPAM ! I’m glad you enjoyed seeing my Christmas photos…. even though there was no snow. And, yes, my wonderful lamp, made in Florence by a company called ‘Fragile’ (which it seems you’ve already heard of LOL). Interestingly enough, my Italian-American neighbor Frank Larose (and what kind of Italian is named Larose… that’s French!!) from across the street made that for me about three years ago. People always get the biggest kick out of that lamp!! ; o )


  3. Love your house, miss you very much, we all send our love and the best to you and your family for the coming new year. Tracey Family


    1. Hi My Sweet Friend! Thanks so much for your comments about my house. It IS a wonderful house. Miss you guys too. Each and every one of you are so special and loving. Merry Christmas to you, Michelle and The Kiddos!!


        1. That is sooo wrong! Did I already tell you that we lived in Longueuil when our twin sons were born? (Sorry if I already told you… I’ve never had a great memory and now its much worse!) I remember the first time I went with my-then boyfriend to visit his family near Quebec City. I had NEVER seen so much snow in my life!! And last year, a cousin told me, they had a green Christmas. And some people refuse to believe the earth is warming. In any event, I’m sure you very much enjoyed your own Green Christmas – I had a very lovely Christmas (green) as well !!! ; o )

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Although a sugar cookie recipe is nice, this post is a lot more successful in putting me in the Christmas spirit. I wish I could snuggle up with your teddy bear elf in that blue chair next to the tree and have Christmas toddy or two. 🙂


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