Just a Chat – And a Promise !

St. Julians - Malta

++   St. Julians Bay – St. Julians, Malta    We could walk to this restaurant from our place in Sliema when we lived in Malta. It was one of our favorites places, and we always tried to bring our guests to see the view and enjoy the excellent pasta.   I took this photo one spring when everything was in bloom. In the summer there is NO rain, which is pretty great but it doesn’t make the flowers happy!                          

Hello Everyone – don’t think I’ve forgotten you. It’s just that I’m still not feeling 100% – but I’m getting there!  I’ve actually been working in my flower gardens a bit lately and they’re gradually taking shape.

So – here’s the promise part. I promise to post very soon – hopefully within the next few days. And the recipe I plan to post is Stuffed Shells Florentine, which has been a favorite in our family since my boys were young. And I’ve got others lined up as well, such as a fabulous roasted chicken make with white wine and a freshly squeezed orange. It’s sooo yummy! So – there’s two promises from me for two great recipes.

I miss not posting…. My email is full of lots of great recipes from fellow bloggers and I feel a bit like a SLUG. A slug with a bit of a tummy problem.

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4 thoughts on “Just a Chat – And a Promise !

  1. Thanks for the nomination Lilly Sue – I appreciate it very much!! I’m “hoping” to post something tonight. In fact, I’ve already prepared the pork chops. The recipe is Savory Cajun Pork !! ; o )


  2. John, you sweetheart, thanks for your comment. You know what, in my first version of this post, I mentioned you, saying “Chgo John” – you would’ve LOVED the pasta in Malta. I should’ve left that part in!
    And – too funny – I was just looking a frozen ham bone thinking, “I’ve gotta make some pea soup”. I have been thinking of posting a recipe for a slow cooker Chicken Fricasee, and Sunny, of Artic Grub, just posted a recipe. I think Great Minds Think Alike because – at least 4 – 5 times – I’ve either just posted something or was thinking of posting something, and another blogger friend posted something very similar!! I gotta go check out your pea soup recipe and see how close it is to my French Canadian version !!


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