Just a Chat – And a Promise !

St. Julians - Malta

++   St. Julians Bay – St. Julians, Malta    We could walk to this restaurant from our place in Sliema when we lived in Malta. It was one of our favorites places, and we always tried to bring our guests to see the view and enjoy the excellent pasta.   I took this photo one spring when everything was in bloom. In the summer there is NO rain, which is pretty great but it doesn’t make the flowers happy!                          

Hello Everyone – don’t think I’ve forgotten you. It’s just that I’m still not feeling 100% – but I’m getting there!  I’ve actually been working in my flower gardens a bit lately and they’re gradually taking shape.

So – here’s the promise part. I promise to post very soon – hopefully within the next few days. And the recipe I plan to post is Stuffed Shells Florentine, which has been a favorite in our family since my boys were young. And I’ve got others lined up as well, such as a fabulous roasted chicken make with white wine and a freshly squeezed orange. It’s sooo yummy! So – there’s two promises from me for two great recipes.

I miss not posting…. My email is full of lots of great recipes from fellow bloggers and I feel a bit like a SLUG. A slug with a bit of a tummy problem.

You can also view My Yellow Farmhouse on Facebook !!

I started working on a Facebook page for My Yellow Farmhouse quite a while ago… so typical of me lately….. But I’m happy to announce that the My Yellow Farmhouse Facebook page is FINALLY up and running!  All the recipes, and their photos, as well as my “chats” etc., are there as well.

It’s really simple to view all my recipes on my Facebook page – use this link – https://www.facebook.com/MyYellowFarmhouse. Then all you have to do is scroll through, find a recipe you like – then click on the link. You’ll go immediately to that particular recipe on my My Yellow Farmhouse.

So – whether you visit My Yellow Farmhouse by going to directly to my blog, my Facebook page or  My Yellow Farmhouse on Pinterest I’m always happy to have you “drop by”.

Hugs to all – Cecile    Enjoy!