Wishing You All a Very Merry Christmas from St. Augustine, Florida!!

Last Christmas – what a difference a year makes!!

Hello Everyone!!  I’m so sorry I haven’t posted for almost a year.  Why, you may ask? Because I had been so busy preparing to move from my beloved Yellow Farmhouse in Massachusetts to St. Augustine, Florida. (I arrived in St. Augustine in July… with, probably, 1/4 of the ‘stuff’ I used to have..)

There was a lifetime of wonderful family memories etc. stored in the attic, the cellar, the barn AND the loft in the barn. Most of it was ‘good stuff’ and I hate throwing good things away.  Luckily, there’s a well traveled road down the hill in back of the farmhouse. We put ‘stuff’ down there and off it would go, often in minutes.  I tell you, we made a lot of people very happy! One woman told me she was helping her daughter set up her new apartment with my ‘stuff’.

I’ll be flying out tomorrow so I can spend the holidays in Massachusetts, and I’m really looking forward to seeimg family and friends. There’s a lot I miss about New England – but there’s tons of things I love about living here in St. Augustine!  (More about that soon..)

In the meantime I haven’t packed a thing for my trip, which is so typical of me.  I spent today day cleaning up and reorganizing things after my very first dinner party in St. Augustine. I have a BIG problem with ‘time management’.  I tend to underestimate how just long it will take to do things, so, as usual, as my guests arrived last night my kitchen was a disaster area.  (It never matters as long as the food is good, the wine is flowing and the conversation is lively.)

Messy Kitchen ... as always..
Yup… what a mess….
lantern on porch - at night
Except for the kitchen… everything looked lovely!

Old Bureau Shines From in All It's Glory - Christmas 2017


I purchased this little tree when we lived in Malta.  I loved this little tree. I spent a few hours decorating it a few days ago until every little glass icicle and every treasured ornament was in the ‘best place’.  Then … I moved the tree, maybe, five inches… and the stand broke….     ; o (


New and Improved Christmas Tree!!

A nice seven footer, so ALL the ornaments fit!!  Believe me… I was ‘this close’ to saying, ‘Never-mind’… 

New Christmas Tree
Yes!  New tree and MUCH stronger stand!
There’s nothing like old friends – but it’s also fun to have new friends!!

One of my twin sons and his family – plus my twin brother and his wife – were here in St. Augustine for Thanksgiving. It was wonderful!!  If you ever get a chance, come to St. Augustine during the holidays. The Nights of Lights is beautiful to behold. A large part of the city is lit up with thousands and thousands of lights – it’s gorgeous.

The night before Thanksgiving I served my Ravioli Lasagna.  Get this – I made it the day before… so no mess. Why can’t I be like that more often!!

Wishing you all the merriest of holidays!!  (And now… I guess I’ll have to get started on packing that suitcase…)

Here’s the link to the recipe for Ravioli Lasagna

Mushroom Ravioli Lasagna - My Yellow Farmhouse

++ Top Photo of St. Augustine – stock image… 

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10 thoughts on “Wishing You All a Very Merry Christmas from St. Augustine, Florida!!

    1. Hi Cecilia!! Aren’t you sweet to take the time in your CRAZY life to see where I ‘ended up’!! I’m just soooo damn happy here – esp. since Massachusettes (and the rest of New England) has had such a terrible winter…. which is still continuing.. But you know all about tough winters my friend!! ; o )
      I’m FINALLY feeling much more like myself & hope to get back to posting very soon!!

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        1. Posted a recipe yesterday – back in the grove!! Plan to change the format of my recipe blog, with some help from a niece who trained in graphic arts!
          Now on my 3rd type of thyroid meds… hoping this one works. I spend my mornings and early afternoons in TOTAL brain fog…. (Good thing YOU don’t have brain fog my friend!)

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  1. Welcome to Florida Cecile! I don’t know if you are still in Massachusetts with your family but if you are I’m sure you are happy that you have made the move south. Hope you had a memorable Christmas and safe travels back home if you are still up north.


    1. Hi Karen! How about me being a Floridian now like you!!
      I returned yesterday from two weeks in Massachusetts. Boy, did I ever pick a good time to have left…. they are really ‘getting it’ up there. ; o )
      Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!!

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    1. Hi ‘A’!! Luckily my sons are grown, otherwise I would’ve had two crying twin boys!! And now the Epic Christmas Tree Fail has become a rather funny story!
      Hope all is well with you my friend. Wishing you happy holidays and a wonderful new year. ; o )

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