Pea Salad – A delicious and easy ‘make-ahead’ salad ! UPDATE – An even tastier and easier version!!

Pocono House - View from Lodge at Arrowhead Lake -
View from the Lodge at Arrow Head Lake – PA

I just returned from spending two weeks at our home in the Pocono Mountains where we don’t have an internet or TV connection, which actually makes it very relaxing.  I also spent a few days outside of Philadelphia with one of my sons and his family & they ‘gifted me’ by bringing me to see The Lion King – what a colorful, lively and just plain fabulous play it is!!

While at the Pocono house I did some spring projects, such as giving the deck a BIG SCRUB with some pretty powerful cleaning products.  When the directions tell you not to get any of it on your skin etc., you know it’s strong. But it works!!   (DO NOT invite me to your home to scrub your deck, thank you!  LOL!)

I didn’t have time to scrub the deck last spring… and look how bad it got in just 1 year! 

spring 2015 - deck
I used ‘Clorox – Pro-Results’ – it worked great!

small red heart

Pea Salad – Ingredients and Method

I LOVE Pea Salad!!  This version is guaranteed to turn Pea Haters in Pea Lovers – even people who aren’t overly fond of peas end up going back for seconds and even thirds. 


  • 1 (14.4 oz.) package of frozen peas  ++ Allow to thaw and drain in a colander.  No need to cook!   ++  2015 – New version.   Microwave peas with 1/4 cup water for a minute – stir. Microwave another minute – stir, then microwave for about 30 more seconds and drain in a colander. (Shaking the colander helps to remove all the water. You don’t want a watery salad!)
  • 1/3 cup celery, diced
  • 1/2 cup red onion, sliced thin 
  • 6 oz. Cheddar (or American) cheese, cut into small cubes   ++  ALTERNATIVE – substitute 1 cup purchased shredded Cheddar cheese … or … shred the cheese yourself for the BEST flavor!  
  • 2 – 3 hard-cooked eggs, sliced thin   
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/4 tsp. dried basil
  • 1/4 cup chopped sweet pimentos  
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/4 tsp. pepper

Mix all ingredients in a medium-sized bowl – it’s as easy as that!  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for a few hours – or overnight. How’s that for quick and easy?   Enjoy!

Here’s my friend Joanne’s presentation of ‘Pea Salad’ – great job my friend!!

pea salad - Joanne's version

Pea Salad -

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22 thoughts on “Pea Salad – A delicious and easy ‘make-ahead’ salad ! UPDATE – An even tastier and easier version!!

  1. Hi Cele, I made and served the pea salad tonight for supper with my husband and daughter.
    They loved it, as did I. (I never liked peas before!) I sent you a picture via messenger, but can’t seem to get it on this blog. Know we loved it and highly recommend it!!!


    1. Hi Joanne – that’s wonderful !! I’m so glad you and your family liked it!!
      Actually, I like my ‘new version’ better and it’s easier as well – check it out.
      Hey – I just posted both your GORGEOUSLY presented ‘Pea Salad’ photo AND the ‘new and improved’ version of ‘Pea Salad’!

      Again – I’m sooo happy that you made – and loved – my pea salad. Just like you – even people who aren’t big fans of peas love it and go back for seconds!! ; o )


  2. Hi There! You know, just yesterday I ‘redid’ the recipe and plan to post it soon. So – wait for that recipe ’cause I like it better! One of the things I changed was adding shredded cheddar cheese instead of chunks, which was much easier AND I liked the taste much better.
    I brought my Pea Salad to my cousin’s place on Lake George in Warren, MA yesterday and everyone loved it. In fact, some people had three servings – even someone who usually didn’t like peas!! ; o )


  3. Hi Cele, Just printed the yummy-looking pea salad. Will let you know as soon as I make it.
    I suppose you could add small brussel sprouts, too. Like the bacon idea as well.


    1. Hi There – thanks for taking the time to comment! You know, I was wondering what to prepare for this coming Saturday evening. I’m having some friends over for a nice, relaxed BBQ. I think I’ll make this pea salad Friday – then Saturday night, bake some potatoes on the grill along with some marinated chicken breasts. (I think I’ll try making some sliced Valida onions poached in white wine to go along with the chicken. I want to try to do that on the grill as well ….and post the recipe…. since I’ve pretty much ‘taken the summer off’!!) ; o )


  4. My deck needs scrubbing too and that ‘don’t touch liquid’ is what I need. I hope you are now totally relaxed. I love that photo by the water. It looks so amazing. That peas salad is what I need for my lunch today, but I don’t have any cheddar. Maybe I shall try it tomorrow once I buy some more Cheddar. My son is on holiday and is permanently grilling sandwiches….”where is that Cheddar I bought two days ago?” I ask…oh we made some grilled sandwiches. what a life!!!


    1. I can just picture you thinking, “Where is that cheddar?” When my sons were at home, between they and their friends – I was never sure of what I might find… or NOT find… in the fridge! ++ My son thanked me again today for doing such a great job on the deck. And that’s all we moms ask for… just a little appreciation!! ; o )


    1. I ADORE mayonnaise !! I bet you could use sour cream in place of mayo. for this recipe. And I envy you that you have all those fresh peas!! I should’ve planted some ’cause it seems I don’t have a woodchuck… at least this year!! ++ If you do make this salad, I’d love to know what you used as a substitute for mayo !! ; o )


    1. I would come and scrub your deck for you my friend!! I recently updated my post & gave the info. as to which cleaner I used. It did a great job!! About the pea salad – I’d only had it once a long time ago and I loved it. It was made with canned peas and even Paula Deene’s recipe used canned peas but the frozen (or fresh!) are so much nicer. ; o )


  5. Our cabin n didn’t have access to the Internet, nor did it have television either and I really loved it at the time. Now we have Internet service which works out very well for me since I now work freelance writing social media content for a few food clients. It means I can work from my porch overlooking the lake. I won’t trade that for anything!
    This recipe sound easy and refreshing! I love pea with fresh mint and it would certainly add a nice flavour to this hearty summer salad. I bet it’s even lovely with fresh peas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Eva – I really enjoyed reading your comment! How wonderful to be able to work from the porch of your cabin with it’s gorgeous view of the lake!! I love the idea of adding mint and I do want to make this recipe with fresh peas at least once this summer. We used have a kitchen garden when we had our farm in Quebec. (I miss both the garden and the farm.) I gave up, at these for now, with planting veggies due to the woodchuck problem BUT this year I haven’t seen any damage on my perennials so perhaps…… ; o )

      Liked by 1 person

  6. It sounds like a relaxing time away except for the deck scrubbing. I haven’t had a pea salad in years…thank you Cecile for the inspiration.


  7. I agree 100% – it’s rather nice, at times, not to have access to the internet! I did, once while away, go to the Lodge in our community (where I took the photo) and use their WiFi but that was it. I didn’t even feel like bothering to post this recipe while away – I just took a break from the 21st century! This trip I read two wonderful books and another time I read three – so why, since I no longer work, don’t I read more here at My Yellow Farmhouse… I guess Life Gets in the Way (and the internet!) ; o )


    1. Decks are a big pain….. Now that I’ve cleaned up the one at our house in the Poconos, I’m hoping to get motivated to clean the one here at My Yellow Farmhouse. Give the Pea Salad a try sometime – I think you’ll like it! ;o)


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