Livin’ The Life!!

I’m so sorry….I haven’t forgotten you all.  I’m on a Road Trip, kind of like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in their old ‘Road’ movies, except I actually PAY my restaurant bills!!      Bob Hope Bing Crosby

I’ve been traveling south for two weeks (I started in Massachusetts) along the eastern seaboard. I’ve been having so much fun seeing lots of things and meeting great people.

I absolutely loved Colonial Williamsburg in Virgina! If you ever go, I highly recommend renting either a small home or a room in an old house right in Colonial Williamsburg itself. It’s just like going back in time!!

Colonial Williamsburg  - colonial-house.ashx

I spent two days visiting the fabulous Biltmore Estate in Ashville, North Carolina. The Biltmore is the largest home in the U.S., plus it boasts the most visited winery in the States.

Biltomore Estate house_garden_3_850x563__large

In Macon, Georgia I visited a museum dedicated to one of my all-time favorite bands – the Allman Brothers. My big purchases there – refrigerator magnets for my twin sons who are also fans of the Allman Brothers and one of their CDs. I’ve been blasting that CD as I drive along!!

Big House Parlor Painting

Today I start heading north, back to My Yellow Farmhouse. But my trip is far from over – I still have lots of people to visit and things to see on my way north, including Jamestown!

At this moment I’m in Fort Lauderdale, Florida after spending a few days in South Beach, Miami. Some dear friends of mine from Malta happened to be staying in Miami with a friend who lives in South Beach.  I got to spend a few precious days with them, their children and their very gracious host, who allowed me to ‘bunk in’ at his place along with the rest!!

Mojito - South Beach, Miami2

  Possibly the best Mojito EVER, enjoyed at the world-famous Cuban restaurant, Versailles, Miami.



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11 thoughts on “Livin’ The Life!!

    1. I was thinking the very same thing when I read your ‘glamping’ post – that I WAS down your way. I had such a great time on my trip!! And it does seem that the people down south are kinder and friendlier – I LOVED IT !! (I don’t count Florida in the above statement… Florida is Florida… it’s not ‘southern’….) I tell you… I think I fell in love every time a man called me ‘Mam’ with that lovely southern drawl !!


  1. Hi Liz! Actually – I had planned to traveling for three weeks – which turned into a month!! It was amazing how so many things just fell into place on this trip, such as me showing up at a friend’s the night of a dinner party – FUN!!! Or visiting some friends from Malta who were staying in Miami at South Beach (at a friend’s penthouse) AND me being invited to stay for the night. Not too shabby!! And I’d love you to come along – you could sit in the front and help me find my way around. (My GPS, atlas and lots of books from AAA really helped!)


  2. Hi EllaDee – I agree – road trips are so much fun! And I loved being on my own, which meant I could stop where I wanted and see who & what I wanted. AND – eat at lots of Mom & Pop Mexican restaurants! My husband was my favorite travel companion & we traveled A LOT because he was an international banker. We enjoyed the same things & both of us were pretty much ‘up’ for anything – including trying new types of food. And thanks for your comment about the refrigerator magnets. They’ve become a tradition. ; o )


  3. I envy you. Travelling for a whole two weeks? wow! The photos are very beautiful so I know you enjoyed your travel to the south. Next time please carry me in the back seat. I promise to behave myself. Have a pleasant week!


  4. Glad to hear from you, Cecile, and that all is well with you. You certainly picked great places to visit, as well as a good time to go. By the time you return home, Spring should be in firm control and Winter nothing but a memory — a very nasty memory. Enjoy the rest of your time away. Safe travels.


  5. I love bananas and I also love plantains, which was very much like bananas. Plantains are cooked and served as a starch in many places in Caribbean. Actually, during this trip I’ve eaten at two excellent Cuban restaurants and enjoyed plantains with both meals!!


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