Christmas at ‘My Yellow Farmhouse’

I’ve always loved Christmas, which is why there’s an entire corner of my barn stacked with boxes of Christmas paraphernalia! This year, because we ‘lost a week’ – I didn’t go crazy digging through all my boxes – I just took whatever was on the top of the Christmas pile.  And, I must say, my house looks pretty darn festive!

– – –

The snowballs are actually special Styrofoam balls which have a slightly glittery surfaceBoth the snowballs & snow can be found at craft stores like Michael’s. Remember to sprinkle some of snow inside your glass container to add to the snowy look!

Snowmen and Snow - 2013

I love the architectural details in my living room, although the beams etc. most likely aren’t original (1888). I imagine the beams etc. were put in during the 1930’s or so. Underneath the oak parquet floors are the old, wide floor boards, which are still present on the second floor. (Just like we had at our old farmhouse in Quebec.)

Christmas at My Yellow Farmhouse - 1

Christmas at My Yellow Farmhouse - 2

We’ve had a tradition for several years – my oldest granddaughter gets to put the angel on top of the Christmas tree. She considers it an honor and my sons and I just love that old moth-eaten angel. (Actually, it’s actually been ‘mouse eaten’ – but we still love it.) Meanwhile, my daughter-in-laws ask, “Why don’t you just get a NEW angel?”  They just don’t understand….  

Our Traditional Christmas Angel

I know, my Christmas Tree isn’t straight… but that’s OK !

Christmas at My Yellow Farmhouse - 4

I think I’m beginning to see a theme here…. snowmen…. One of my sons told me, years ago, I couldn’t buy anymore snowmen for their house…

Christmas at My Yellow Farmhouse - 6

Christmas at My Yellow Farmhouse - 7

My dear neighbor, Frank, made me the best Christmas gift/surprise ever and delivered it to my house the night my sons and their families were here.  (He rang the bell and left the package on my back porch.)

2 Oh yeah... it says Fra-gil-A !!.jpg

Can you begin to guess what was in this enormous box?  If you’re at all familiar with the movie A Christmas Story, you may have a good idea!

We had so much fun trying to figure out who could’ve delivered it and what could POSSIBLY be inside. My guess…. after some thought… It’s a lamp…. but not any lamp. It’s the lamp that ‘shines forth in all it’s glory’ from the Parker Family’s front room. Made just for us by my dear friend Frank.

In truth, the lamp Frank made is even better than the Major Award in the movie. And, if Ralphie thought the lamp his father won was electric sex – it was nothing compared to MY lamp, with it’s curvaceous calf and bent knee.

  Happy Holidays to All of You from My Yellow Farmhouse ! 

And the lamp blazed forth in all it's glory.jpg

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4 thoughts on “Christmas at ‘My Yellow Farmhouse’

  1. Gotcha – ‘Frah-JEE-lee’ !!!! One of the best gifts I ever received. However, I live on a hill and i don’t think MY LAMP can be seen properly placed in my ‘front room’ (as they say in the movie). I’m gonna see if Frank can figure out something! (He’s also Italian!!)


  2. Your home is beautifully decorated, Cecile, though, even without the decorations, it would be a lovely home. As soon as I saw the box, labeled “Fragile” (Pronounced “frah JEE lee”. Italian, you know) I started to giggle. What a gift! You’re fortunate to have a good neighbor like that.
    Wishing you and your family a most wonderful Christmas, Cecile, and a Happy and Healthy New Year.


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