Christmas/Winter Simmering Spice Mix – Makes Your Home Smell Wonderful !

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I truly wish I could include a ‘scratch ‘n sniff’ icon for this post – my house smells wonderful right now ’cause I’m simmering a mixture of spices and fruit, all of which I usually have around the house.

There’s really no directions needed. You just need some spices and fruit and several cups of water, which you’ll simmer on the stove. (You will have to replenish the water every so often – so don’t forget!)

++  After and hour or so you may want to sprinkle in a bit more of the spices and rum flavoring.

As you may know, we used to move A LOT, and because each house has it’s own smell, as soon as we’d moved in, I’d start a pan ‘brewing’ with this mix. Within a very short time the house smelled like home …our home! In fact, you’ll have people who visit asking if you’ve been baking cookies.

Here’s what I use for my Christmas/Winter Simmering Mix

++ If you include fruit – I would refrigerate the mix so you can use it again.  If you only use the spices, then you can leave the pan out on your stove to use again. (I use the mixture for a few days and just add a dash more of the spices when needed.)

  • 1/2 – 1 tsp. ground cinnamon (Use cinnamon sticks if you have them – 1 or 2.)
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp. ground cloves –  – or Allspice, or both, which is what I do
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp. ground nutmeg
  • This year I’ve add the following – simply because I had them….
  • — 1 cut up apple
  • — 1 cut up lemon    (I found some rather dried-out lemons in my veggie bin!)
  • — A bit of Rum Flavoring, for that good old Yuletide ‘Nog Essence!

Christmas or Winter Simmering Spice Mix .JPGThat’s it !  I know the lovely smell of this mixture will make your heart happy – no matter when you use it!

Plus the simmering water adds some much-needed moisture to your home, which is nice during these cold, wintry months.                                                                                     Enjoy!!

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13 thoughts on “Christmas/Winter Simmering Spice Mix – Makes Your Home Smell Wonderful !

    1. When my twin sons & their families (and my own twin brother) arrived for our ‘Roy Christmas’ on Saturday the house smelled so nice. The lovely smell of spices and fruit blended well with the delicious odor of baking French Canadian Meat Pies!


  1. This is such a great idea, Cecill, and so much healthier than those canned fragrances. I can’t use any of them, nor most commercial scents because most are harmful to my parrot. This, though, I could use without any worry. Thanks for the idea.


    1. Glad you like it John. I often react to sprays – or even scented candles… I didn’t know you have a parrot!! I have to two parakeets – a male & female. They’re great company. I used to let them fly around by the got to like it too much and wouldn’t go back in their cage… since I couldn’t find diapers their size… they now reside in the cage full time. When the weather’s nice, I sometimes bring on trips with me!! (Only car trips that is!!)


      1. My “Lucy” travels where I do. She’s got a travel cage and I strap her in the front seat, while Max has the back. I don’t let her fly around, though. I’ve ceiling fans and a dog that I’m not so sure about. I can’t decide if he’s looking at her lovingly or hungrily. 😉


    1. You are so right my friend!! Do you have any suggestions for me – meaning spices/fruit you add in that I haven’t thought of. It’s always fun to ‘mix it up’ !


  2. Thanks – I went out do to some errands…. Chinese take-out, egg nog & rum – plus some Christmas gift buying. When I returned, my house smelled sooo good. I know my boys and their families are going to like it when they arrive this coming Saturday – when we do what we call our Roy Christmas!!!! The house will smell like French Canadian Meat Pies and this spice mixture!!


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