Photos of My Gardens & The Unexpected Perks of Being a Blogger !!

Although my flower gardens have been a bit neglected this summer, they’re still lovely and make my heart happy !!  

Flowers - middle of Aug. 2013 011

Black-Eyed Susans

Pink Zinnas

OK – now about The Unexpected Perks !!

When I began my blog My Yellow Farmhouse, my intention was to share some of the many, many recipes I’ve collected – as well as new ones, which I tend to invent when I raid my fridge or cupboards. I hadn’t realized, at that time, all the wonderful new friends I’d meet in my fellow bloggers! We share not only recipes but also tales and adventures. And I truly enjoy seeing the lovely photos of their gardens or their travels – or a lovely wedding shower they recently hosted – complete with photos & recipes. Their blogs are full of great ideas and, often, great wisdom. So, today, I want to share some of my favorite bloggers with you.  Enjoy !!

I just finished reading a lovely post from  Carlynn posted about how, some days, she feels “.. a little bit down on my luck, or simply ‘stuck’ [albeit creatively, emotionally, physically]“. She included several links which she’s found inspirational during times like these. And we ALL have times when we just don’t feel 100%. Reading Carlynn’s posts, and well as those of other bloggers, is rather like receiving an entertaining, newsy letter from a friend.

Pamela, of, grows loads and loads of veggies on a rooftop garden in Brooklyn. Pamela’s blog is always a fun read and I love the photos of her “garden’s bounty” and her recipes. Just today I “pinned” her recipe for Baked Onion Rings with Creole Seasonings.

One of my very favorite new blogger friends is John, who posts great stories of his life growing up in an Italian/American family – as well as fabulous Italian recipes handed down through generations. (Not long ago I featured my version of his family’s version of spaghetti sauce with meat.) I feel like John and I have become today’s version of Pen Pal’s. Actually, I think John has about 2,000 Pen Pals because he gets a bazillion responses to each of his posts !

I’d been searching for a really good recipe for duck, and Karen – of Back Road Journal -recently posted a recipe for “Grilled Duck with Cherry Sauce” which  I can’t wait to make.  Karen travels “..the back roads of New England and beyond..”, and I love reading about her adventures.

Rufus, of Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide, reminds me of my husband in that he gets right to the point. He introduces his recipes quickly in a light-hearted style. I’m often blown away by the creativity of his recipes! Here’s one I particularly like – it includes both Bourbon and beef – what’s not to like?!

Here’s my last link, although I have several more bloggers I really enjoy. This blogger calls himself The Ranting Chef.  I can NOT believe how many recipes he posts every week. He makes me feel like a total slug !!  The guy’s a wiz – and his recipes always look fabulous. He’s great fun to read, even the titles of his recipes are a riot! Here’s one of his latest recipes. If you have lots and lots of yellow squash in your garden right now, you’re in luck!

So – check out  these bloggers – whether you just just drop by or you start following them – I know you’ll … enjoy !!!

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10 thoughts on “Photos of My Gardens & The Unexpected Perks of Being a Blogger !!

    1. Thanks for “liking” several of my recipes AND a great big SHOUT OUT to you for following My Yellow Farmhouse!
      Just this morning I was making Fried Rice and used a great little cookbook called “Lily’s Way”. I’m so happy to have found your wonderful blog for authentic & easy Chinese cooking. BUT I couldn’t find the “follow” icon… How do I follow Easy Asian Cooking?


  1. Karen’s right, Cecile. Your garden’s blooms are beautiful. Thank you for your kind mention of my blog. It really is an honor when someone tries one of our recipes and a thrill when they enjoy it so. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed our tomato sauce and that you’ve made it your own. 🙂


  2. You may think that your garden has been a bit neglected but the flowers that you posted are beautiful. Thank you so much Cecile, for thinking of my blog…I’m hopeful that you will enjoy the grilled duck if you get a chance to prepare it.


  3. Pamela – who I mentioned above – just posted how much she liked my recipe for “A Little Help from My Friends” Chocolate Cherry Nut Cake – thanks Pamela !! I’m a BIG fan of your blog !!


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