Tonight I’m Making Beef ‘n Mushroom Pie!

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Hi Everyone – I’m not posting a recipe today, as I usually do .. just a few thoughts… One of my sons is coming over tonight for dinner with his two (adorable, but I’m prejudiced) children. When I asked him if he had any particular “Mommy Food” he’d like me to make, he asked for the pie I make with roast beef – namely – Beef ‘n Mushroom Pie… said he’d really had a “hankering for it”!  He wanted to be sure it wasn’t too much trouble – and I assured him it’s not! So, that’s “what’ for dinner tonight”!

Often, between working (either at home or at a job), we can forget that everyday things – and not just special days or holidays – make memories. Both of my (twin) sons remember how I’d take them, one at a time, out of the tub, wrap them in a towel, then cuddle them and sing a song before getting them dressed. In fact, at my own twin brother’s wedding, they went up to the band on their own (at age five) and announced they were gonna sing – and the song they chose was one I used to sing after their bath. They were a big hit!

Meals – no matter how rushed – should also be times which can be remembered fondly. Think about it – there’s very few people who don’t occasionally say, a bit wistfully, “I remember my mother’s wonderful meatballs and sauce – or pot roast – or macaroni & cheese…” So, ask your family what their favorite meals/desserts are, and make them often. You’re not only filling those empty tummies – you’re making fond memories which will last a lifetime!!   Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Tonight I’m Making Beef ‘n Mushroom Pie!

  1. Love reading your blog…….miss seeing you……happy the boys are well……….and of course your grandchildren………..mine are great too……going to try your meat pie ……my Italian family also used to make meat pies too…………love to you and your family


    1. So wonderful to find your comment ! I’m hoping to travel down to Florida this year – maybe around late March. And – of course – I’m planning to see all of you.
      This pie is really tasty – I think you, Michelle & the kiddos would all life it !


  2. First of all, thank you so much for this great blog. As a mother, I really appreciate the little touches you add about your family. I loved the story about your kids after bathtime! I still do something similar like that with my kids, even though they are 13 & 15! Secondly, I am writing to tell you that my family looooved your Beefy Mushroom Pie! My husband would not stop eating it. He just went to town on it. He kept saying how moist, tender and aromatic it was! Even my son couldn’t get enough of your beefy mushroom pie. He said it was best pie he’d ever had and he wished he could eat it for the rest of his life. I think he’s found his new “mommy food”! Thank you and keep up the great work!


    1. Leslie, thank you so very much for your lovely words about both my blog and the Beefy Mushroom Pie. Believe me – you made my day!! It’s so nice to receive feedback and to know that people are enjoying what I’m “putting out there”!
      I really enjoying working on my blog ’cause I’ve got zillions of recipes and keep thinking up new ones…so My Yellow Farmhouse gives me a way to share them. I’m soo happy your family loved the Beefy Mushroom Pie so much – I agree with them – it’s delicious!!


  3. My son ended up doing most of the work for the Beefy Mushroom Pie, while the kids and I did some finger painting. You did a great job Dan – dinner was delicious!! And the kids & I had so much fun!!


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