“Eggs in a Frame” a.k.a. “Eggs in a Blanket”

Eggs in a Frame - cooked - FOR END OF POST

Whether you call these ‘Peek-a-Boo Eggs’, ‘Eggs in a Hole’, ‘Eggs in a Frame” or ‘Eggs on the Island’   – – – – they’re “good eats”!!

My sons used to love these!! The taste is truly (as the old expression goes) “more than the sum of its parts”, meaning eggs and toast prepared this way are so much tastier than eggs and toast cooked the usual way.

++ Someone recently asked, “When to flip over ‘Eggs in a Frame?’  I would say, ‘Use the above photo as your guide.” When the eggs are ‘almost set’ – as above – flip them over for just a few seconds. That is, unless you prefer your yolks very, very set – then let them cook a few seconds longer.

++ Be sure to fry one side of the bread first – THEN break the egg into the hole.  That way both sides of the bread are buttery and toasted, even if you don’t flip them over!

    Ingredients…. (I’m not even sure that a list this short can even be called “ingredients”!!)

  • eggs – allow 2 per person
  • bread – allow 2 slices per person
  • butter or margarine
  • salt & pepper
  • OPTIONAL – cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes etc.
  • OPTIONAL – sliced cheese

Eggs in a Frame - ingredients

If you’re making these for more than 2 people, then it’s really wonderful if you happen to have some sort of griddle. Otherwise just use 2 large nonstick skillets.

Butter one side of the bread. Using a biscuit cutter, if you have one (or a small glass which has an opening of about 2 1/2″), cut a hole in the center of each piece of bread. Don’t discard the centers – you’re going to fry those as well – actually, the centers might end up being your favorite part!!

On medium heat, warm up a large nonstick skillet. Add about 2 tsp. butter. Once the butter has melted, place the bread slices, butter side up, in the skillet.  Cook JUST THE BREAD until the bottoms of the bread are toasted.

Eggs in a Frame - bread in panFlip the toast over. Lower the heat a bit and gently break an egg into each ready-made hole. Sprinkle with a bit of salt & pepper – plus a bit of cayenne pepper etc if you choose.

Cook the eggs/toast until almost cooked through if you want “Sunnyside” eggs. Or, you can flip the “Eggs in a Frame” over to give you “Over Easy” eggs.

You can also place a slice of cheese on top once the eggs seem a few minutes away from being ready. I recommend covering the pan, if you’re adding cheese, so that the cheese melts without overcooking the eggs.   Enjoy !!

Eggs in a Frame - cooked