“Just a Chat” – – I’m Ready to Say Bye Bye to Winter…..

In January I was so happy to see fluffy white snow sparkling in the sunshine that I ran outside to take some photos.  But by this time …. the thrill is gone, gone, gone.   I’m craving warm sunshine like a drunk craves his ‘bottle in a bag’.  And I have absolutely no voom. Luckily I’ll be heading down south in just a few weeks!

Due my No Voom syndrome I haven’t posted a recipe for awhile.  However, yesterday, for the second time, I prepared and photographed Toad in the Hole, along with a creamy onion sauce I ‘invented’.  And, for the second time, I didn’t like the results enough to post the recipe.  (Looks yummy, doesn’t it?)

Toad in the Hole - My Yellow Farmhouse

Here’s the big problem – I can’t find a ‘proper sausage’, as the Brits would say.  For this attempt I used chicken sausage with apples but the taste was too strong and the sausages are too big.  I did find real, honest-to-goodness English ‘bangers’ online but the minimum order is far too large.

As Snidely Whiplash used to say, “Curses – foiled again”. Luckily, I have a good friend who’s from Yorkshire, England. She’s found a store across the border in Connecticut which sells real British ‘bangers’ – so, I’ll find out exactly where she gets them and post the recipe very soon!!  In the meantime, I may consider buying a sunlamp to help me get my voom back!!

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6 thoughts on ““Just a Chat” – – I’m Ready to Say Bye Bye to Winter…..

  1. My mother drove me nuts ’cause she was so fussy about everything and, at least with my blog, I tend to be pretty fussy. You’re right – it’s good and bad !! But – now the clocks have ‘sprung ahead’ – my VOOM has returned!! I leave for my three week adventure Friday – I can NOT wait!!!!!!
    Voom— Voom !!! ; o )


  2. I have voom syndrome too, I just tend to overwork so that I can forget about the huge mound of snow outside my door. I look and see perfection on the table….I think you are perfectionist which is both good and bad. But I do agree on “not finding a proper sausage” I was complaining bitterly today…


  3. Hi My Dear Friend! I, too, am sooo behind in reading posts…… All this gray weather just takes the ‘voom’ out of me, as you know from reading my post before this one. I’ll heading out for my three week trip soon and I’m hoping to come back with some recipes from some of the places I plan to visit!
    It’s seems like Chicago and New England are due for one last (I hope its The Last) snow storm. Stay warm my friend!


  4. I wouldn’t know a banger from a frankfurter, Cecile. Although I love my family’s sausage, I’m not really that much of an aficionado beyond that. What I’m trying to say is that you can serve me Toad in the Hole anytime and I won’t say a word about the bangers, or lack thereof, other than “Delicious!”
    PS I’ve not deserted you. I’m way behind reading posts but I’m making headway. I’ll be back! 🙂


  5. English ‘Bangers’ are smaller than most American sausages but they’re larger than breakfast sausages. The taste is pretty mild as well – and part of the filling is dried bread crumbs! I really, really like them.
    Leftovers can be reheated but, as with most food, ‘Toad in the Hole’ is best eaten right out of the oven! I AM going to post my recipe soon – as soon as I can find a good replacement American sausage. ;o)


  6. The snow lost its appeal several dumps ago. Sun and heat are eagerly anticipated. I’m curious what flavours/herbs traditional English bangers feature and the size that is optimal. Can you reheat the leftovers?


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