“A Work in Progress…”

My Yellow Farmhouse - A Work in Progress

Just to give you all ‘a heads up’, my niece – who’s a professional graphic designer – and I are working on giving ‘My Yellow Farmhouse’ a new look.

At this point we’re about 3/4s of the way finished… so “what you see is not gonna to be what you get” by the time we’re totally finished. For example, we’re having trouble getting the wonderful new ‘header’ photo, which you see above, to post full size on the page.  Once we figure out that problem, we’ll finalize our color choices and then we’ll be all set!  So, please bear with us…

To cheer you up during this current cold spell – here’s a cute photo to make you smile!

No, it’s not The Wicked Witch of the West… ‘bunny version’!   It’s one of the baby bunnies born during the summer of 2009 at our farm in Quebec, Canada.

The mother gave birth to between 6 – 7 babies, but more than once this same little one wouldn’t let go when feeding time was over.  This time she ended up dragging the baby for a few seconds ’cause it was so determined that lunch time was NOT over. (I was laughing so hard that I’m surprised I was able to take this photo.)

Ma, don't move, I'm still drinking!

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My Yellow Farmhouse - Cooking with Love!

Sure, it's necessary to eat to survive - but that's not any fun!! The fun comes from cooking, serving and eating with lots of love, I began this blog to share some of the delicious recipes I've gathered over the years. Thanks for dropping by & sharing the love!

6 thoughts on ““A Work in Progress…”

  1. Thanks Liz – I just loved those rabbits – and all the animals we had. Sometime I need to post a few photos of when I roasted one of our turkeys – it was so huge that just a breast took up a whole pan!!


  2. I absolutely LOVE your description of The New Look!! I didn’t think I wanted the yellow plaid at first but my niece just asked to me take a second to see how it looked. I loved it immediately because it reminded both of us of some of the old cookbooks… right now I can’t think of which ones…. Betty Crocker maybe? It’s the perfect background for My OLD Farmhouse!!


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