Oops…. Those Darn Cyber Gremlins…. !!

I have NO IDEA what was going on this afternoon as I was working on a ‘draft’ of my recipe for Breaded Chicken Cutlets with Pimento-Parmesan Cream Sauce… Twice my entire post disappeared – then (again twice) it announced to me that my post had been ‘published’ !  And I wasn’t even close to being finished…

I’m so sorry – the completed recipe will be posted early tomorrow – that is, if nothing else goes wrong. Those darn cyber gremlins again…

To keep your interest piqued and your appetite whetted – here’s a photo of the finished dish !!!

Breaded Chicken Cutlet with Parmesan-Pimento Cream Sauce

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My Yellow Farmhouse - Cooking with Love!

Sure, it's necessary to eat to survive - but that's not any fun!! The fun comes from cooking, serving and eating with lots of love, I began this blog to share some of the delicious recipes I've gathered over the years. Thanks for dropping by & sharing the love!

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