A Small Fan of My Yellow Farmhouse – Who’s a Big Fan of Sheperd’s Pie!

Mateo - Diane & Gilbert's little boy - malta - fimbankThis is just too cute not to share !! Look at those huge eyes and big smile. He’s just waiting to dive into that Shepherd’s Pie, made by his mom Diane. Diane’s a friend of mine from the days when we lived in the small Mediterranean country of Malta. She, and her husband, both worked with my husband at an international merchant bank there.

Diane started following my blog not long ago, along with several other friends from Malta – one of whom now lives in Kuwait and one who lives in Australia. So, when my “statistics” show me that someone “checked out my blog” from Kuwait – or Australia – I pretty much figure it’s one of my dear friends from our time living in Malta!. I’m so glad that I’ve got both big and little fans scattered around the world – and that Mateo seems to love my Shepherd’s Pie.


Shepherd's Pie - My Yellow Farmhouse.com

The country of Malta has its own cuisine, which is heavily influenced by the delicious pasta dishes of Italy. I gotta say…. I got really spoiled while living there due the lightness of the pasta they make in Malta! And, the best tomato sauce I ever ate was at a restaurant in the teeny Maltese island of Gozo, accessible only by ferry. Interestingly enough, the place was owned by a cousin of one of the bank’s employees. The secret to the sauce, the chef/owner told us, was that he used only fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and salt and pepper. And the sauce was cooked for only a brief time – so the flavors of the tomato and basil really shone through!! I tried to recreate that sauce and it was a big hit – although I don’t feel that my sauce lived up to the original.

So, I make you all a promise….. once the summer tomato season is in full bloom, I’ll buy several bags of tomatoes. cook up my approximation of the wonderful sauce we ate in Gozo/Malta – and then share it with you!

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Sure, it's necessary to eat to survive - but that's not any fun!! The fun comes from cooking, serving and eating with lots of love, I began this blog to share some of the delicious recipes I've gathered over the years. Thanks for dropping by & sharing the love!

3 thoughts on “A Small Fan of My Yellow Farmhouse – Who’s a Big Fan of Sheperd’s Pie!

  1. Hi Charlene – I was able to plant tomatoes last year ’cause the groundhog was replaced by a skunk, who left the garden alone!! And thanks for telling me what “pico de gallo” means….in all honesty….I’ve recentlyy been wondering what it means, ’cause “pico de gallo” is listed on menus, and on TV shows etc. !!!!


  2. Summer tomatoes sound great, Cecile! I plan on planting a variety of them & peppers too–pico de gallo! Rooster’s beak!!!


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