“A Little Help from My Friends” Warm & Spicy Dip for Tortilla Chips

I always try to have the fixins for this warm & spicy Mexican-inspired dip in case people drop by. Talk about easy!  All you have to do is open two jars, pour the contents into a medium bowl, add a few spices, mix it all together – then warm it in the microwave until bubbly.

++  As with any recipe of this type, feel free to add more of the spices depending upon your personal preference.  A friend of mine threw this together for me recently a few minutes before a party.  She didn’t bother to measure the ingredients and it was delicious!


  • One (15.5 oz) jar chunky salsa (I like “medium” heat…)    ++ For a thicker dip, add 1/2 jar of chunky salsa instead of the whole jar.  Actually, that’s what I’ve been doing lately!
  • One (15.5 oz) jar salsa con queso (Again, I like “medium” heat)
  • 1/2 tsp. cumin
  • + new addition +    1/4 tsp. dried cilantro  (I use McCormick’s)
  • 1/4 tsp. Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle
  • ++ If you don’t have any Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle, add a bit of cayenne pepper.)
  • ++ To ‘Kick This up a Notch” – – fry up about 1/4 cup chopped onion in butter and add !!
  • a bag of tortilla chips

I don’t know of many things that are this easy to make, yet taste so good.    Enjoy !

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