Oops…. and a Lovely Photo of Malta !!

It’s possible that “oops” is my favorite word.     I use it A LOT.    And I have to use it again right now.  OOPS !!    I just (accidentally) published a post which I hadn’t yet finished… I hit “publish” instead of “preview” and the minute that icon is clicked – even by mistake – a new post goes out to my email followers and to my Facebook followers. (I can just hear my sister-in-laws saying, “Cecile, ONLY YOU”!)

To make it up to you…. here’s a lovely photo of Malta.    Enjoy!

**  We were lucky enough to have lived in Sliema, Malta for eight years.  Our “flat” was right on the Mediterranean Ocean. We had an incredible view of the capital, Valletta, and we could hear the waves crashing on the rocks below while we slept. We loved it!!

I took this from our hotel room when we returned to Malta for a visit. Isn’t it beautiful?