Snow… Snow…Snow !! The First Snow Storm of 2014

The snow storm ended up being, at least in Western Massachusetts, not much of a ‘storm’.  But even a small amount of sparkling snow magically turns the outside world into something special!

Here’s a link to one of my favorite songs – “Snow”, from the movie White Christmas!

By the middle of December, a good amount of snow had fallen here at My Yellow Farmhouse – so the world looked White & Beautiful for Our Roy Christmas. Ten days later all the snow had melted.  We ended up with a Green Christmas – which no one likes…. except for travelers, of course.  But today, once again, there’s snow on the ground here in Western Massachusetts!  Not the huge amount we were promised…. or ‘threatened with’…. but snow nevertheless. I went out to move my car so my friend Don could plow my driveway, and the day was just too beautiful – I had to take some photos!

The neighborhood stray cat, whom we call Sophie, sleeps in the side shed of my barn during the winter. My friend and I set up a clothes basket with a warm blanket for her in there. The basket is in a box but, somehow, Sophie pulled the basket out quite a bit. I think it felt too much like ‘a trap’ the other way. She’s one smart kittie!  She refuses to enter my barn, where it’s warmer and where she used to love to look out the upstairs window like a soldier standing guard (see photo below) because she got sprayed by a skunk there this spring. Mrs. Skunk strikes again !!

My Yellow Farmhouse - First Snow Storm of 2014

I remember, growing up in the 50’s & 60’s, how much fun it was to play outside the day after a big snowstorm. Just like today, the air would be clear and bright. We used to play in the snow most of the day – only going in for lunch, to warm our feet or to change into dry gloves. (Most gloves were made of wool in those days and they absorbed water like a sponge! Your hands used to end up feeling like they weighed 5 pounds each!)

A dusting of snow settled onto the wreaths hanging on my barn. I leave the wreaths up all winter – I like the way they look. Especially with a bit of snow on them!

My Yellow Farmhouse - First Snow Storm of 2014

It’s supposed to be -18F tonight in ‘these parts’. I feel like I’m back at the farm in Quebec, Canada, but without the benefit of our two wood stoves. Let me tell you, in this kind of weather, both the stove in the cellar and the stove in the living room would’ve been fired up like furnaces.

I plan to post – very soon – a recipe I just found for Brown Sugar Pound Cake. I haven’t made pound cake in years, so I’m really excited about baking one. I’m going to try to ‘invent’ a nice raspberry, blueberry, strawberry & blackberry sauce to pour over it. And, you know me – there’ll probably be vanilla ice cream AND whipped cream. Optional, of course!

Sophie’s Winter “Motel Room” !

My Yellow Farmhouse - First Snow Storm of 2014