Has Anyone Heard Anything from ‘ChgoJohn’ of ‘The Bartolini Kitchens’?


This is a highly unusual post…  John (ChgoJohn) of ‘The Bartolini Kitchens’ hasn’t posted anything since December 24th.  I’ve sent him a few emails, yet I haven’t heard from him.  And he unfailingly returns my emails within a day or two.  And – if he plans to ‘close the kitchens’ because he’s traveling – he always let us, his readers, know.   Which makes me wonder if John’ beloved Zia might be ill…

I know so many people, including myself, have come to love John and consider him a friend.  He always has the best ‘tales to tell’ and posts (as many of you know) the most fantastic recipes which have been handed down to him by his mother and his Zia – John’s mother’s sister.

For those of you who aren’t followers of John’s blog – here’s a wonderful post from November 29th, 2014.  The post shows both John’s sense of humor and his warmth – and his love for Zia… because November 29th was Zia’s birthday.


Please post a comment if you’ve heard from John – thanks!

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11 thoughts on “Has Anyone Heard Anything from ‘ChgoJohn’ of ‘The Bartolini Kitchens’?

  1. I sure would’ve ‘made a house call’, complete with homemade bread and lots of soups… all of which you probably wouldn’t have felt much like eating anyway. We are all so very happy that YOU’RE BACK and feeling well !! ; o )


  2. This was incredibly thoughtful of you, Cecile, and I very much appreciate it. So sorry to have worried you but I think you would have made a house call had I written a post describing my situation in mid-January. It wasn’t at all pretty. Thank you so much for being such a good friend. XOX


  3. Mimi – you’re so right – and that’s why I’m concerned. As I said above, he always answers my emails with a day or two. We’ll all be so happy when he starts posting again !!


  4. Hi Liz – the new year’s been good so far – at least we haven’t had as much snow as Boston, although we’ve had quite a lot here in Western Mass. !! I sure we hear from John soon !!


  5. I haven’t heard from John. I hope he is well and so is his aunt Zia. I always read his hilarious posts. How is the new year treating you? I see some parts of the US are drowning in snow. What a pity! Have a wonderful week!


  6. Thanks for responding. I very much appreciate it. We all do, within a very short time, care about each other and enjoy each others posts, not to mention learning a bit about each others lives and families. And John has a special way of writing which is so entertaining and heartwarming. And, of course, his recipes are wonderful ! All we can do right now is send both John and his beloved Zia loving thoughts.


    1. John, as you know, posts pretty regularly. And, as you also know, if he’s going to be unable to post for a while – usually due to a visit with Zia or doing some traveling – he let’s us know ‘the kitchens will be closed’. I’m worried about him – esp. that he hasn’t answered my emails yet. Let’s hope we hear from him soon. Thanks for taking the time to comment about this – I appreciate it.

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