Quick Lunch or Dinner – Hot Open-Faced Sandwiches

Hot Open-Faced Sandwiches – version 1 –  Tomato, Bacon & Cheese

Use for 2nd photo

Hot Open-Faced Sandwiches – Version 2 – Warm & Puffy Open-Faced Cheese Sandwiches

+++ Update – I bet “Version 2” would really be good with bits of cooked bacon or ham mixed in!  Actually, so would a bit tuna,, salami or turkey etc. 

Any time of day is a good time for an open-faced sandwich. And a sandwich is particularly good when it’s adorned with melted cheese! These Melted Cheese,Tomato and Bacon Open-Faced Sandwiches – and the Warm & Puffy Open-Faced Cheese Sandwiches – are super easy and yummy.

With the addition of a green salad, cold slaw, potato salad or sliced avocado drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette, both the Melted Cheese,Tomato and Bacon Open-Faced Sandwiches and the Warm & Puffy Open-Faced Cheese Sandwiches are perfect for an easy dinner.

(1) Melted Cheese, Tomato and Bacon Open-Faced Sandwiches – Uses toaster oven  – or toaster and broiler

Recently I went through I time where I was kind of “addicted” to these sandwiches.  I like to spread a bit of mayonnaise on these babies once they’re heated up. And that’s part of why my cholesterol is so high – my total fascination with all things mayonnaise.

HOW TO —  Lightly toast two English Muffins – cut in half. Place a ripe & juicy tomato slice on top of each of the halves of English muffin. On top of the tomato, place a few slices of cooked bacon. Place a slice of Swiss cheese – or any cheese of your choice – on top of the bacon.  (I like to sprinkle on a bit of oregano on top of the cheese but you can sprinkle on anything you like.)

Turn toaster oven to BROIL and broil until cheese is melted.   ++ Make sure you keep your eye on your sandwiches, broilers seem to wait until your back is turned, then they immediately burn your lunch! Recipe makes 4 sandwiches.

2 – Warm & Puffy Open-Faced Cheese Sandwiches – OR – Appetizers  Uses toaster oven – or toaster and broiler

use as first photo

++ UPDATE – – – I highly recommend grating the cheese using a block of cheese. The pre-shredded cheese sold in the diary section doesn’t have the same taste as freshly grated cheese & the sandwiches don’t ‘puff up’ in the same way.

++ For Sandwiches – These sandwiches are rich and filling – and would be great for a brunch as well as lunch. If you add a salad, you’ve got a quick dinner idea! It’s pretty cool how the filling puffs up a bit as it heats up.  Recipe makes 6 open-faced sandwiches.

++ For Appetizers  Prepare as usual. Once they come out of the broiler, cut each English muffin into 1/4’s and there you go – a delicious hot appetizer!!


  • 1 egg
  • 2 cups hard cheese, grated – such as Cheddar   (You can use pretty much any time of hard cheese, except for cheeses with a very strong flavor. Mozzarella – or any other type of soft cheese – is not recommended.)
  • 1/8 cup mayonnaise
  • a few sprinkles of Mrs. Dash
  • sprinkle on a little Paprika – for color
  • 3 English Muffins, cut in half to give you 6  halves – toasted

In a bowl, mix until well-blended; 1 egg, 2 cups grated hard cheese, 1/8 cup mayonnaise and a few sprinkles of Mrs. Dash & Italian Seasonings – or any seasonings you like.

Lightly toast 6 English Muffin halves. Spread egg/cheese mixture evenly on top of the toasted English muffins or toast. Broil until cheese mixture is hot and bubbling. It doesn’t get much easier than that!   Enjoy!


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11 thoughts on “Quick Lunch or Dinner – Hot Open-Faced Sandwiches

  1. I love open faced sandwiches. They are always such a pleasure to eat. And the addition of avocado is great too, and they are warm and puffy. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks for sharing your story Ashley!! I loved your story!!
    I know you don’t eat bacon but I’m glad you like the tomato-melted cheese sandwiches. Tell me, do you make them with English Muffins? I like them best with English Muffins!


  3. It’s funny, because I remember one time we were all over Memere’s house, and Danny(?) made one of the tomato/cheese variety, and we were all drooling over it. We’ve been making them ever since! How funny to realize the inspiration and tradition came from you!


  4. John – the garden photo in my “header” was taken in one of my gardens at our farm in Quebec. I really miss those gardens, although I have some lovely gardens here.


  5. Sorry, you’ve not been well, Cecile, and hope you’re feeling better now. Both sandwiches sound tasty and would be perfect for lunch or a quick dinner. I think I might add a bit of bacon, though, just cuz I can. 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration. These will definitely hit my table this Summer when I don’t want to cook.


    1. Hi John ! Actually, the first time I ate this combination of tomato, crispy bacon & melted cheese sprinkled with oregano was when I was a child and my godmother took me to a neighbors’s for lunch. The neighbor actually made these with English muffins…. I totally forgot to mention that in my post… I think they taste best that way.
      Once I had my own family, we used to have these for dinner sometimes, and we all enjoyed them very much. They’re still one of my favorites. And I’m like you – it’s “all about” the crispy bacon! And a little bit of oregano. (Thanks for your well-wishes…. I’m getting tired of not feeling 100%…)


  6. Great idea Lorrie!! It’s certainly not one of my best photos… I’ve found that it’s awfully hard to photograph recipes with light colored food. I hope Mr. Lickey likes these!! ; o )


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