I’m Loving My “New” Kitchen!!!

I’ve lived here in my old (1888) “yellow farmhouse” for eight years now, which is a long time for me. We used to move A LOT!!  I was rather fond of saying, “I don’t wash windows, we just move!”

During the time we lived in the European country of Malta (again, for eight years) we also owned a farm in Quebec, Canada. But I used to nag my husband that I wanted a house in the States – in Massachusetts near our families – where we could stay when we visited the U.S.  He’d always say, “Wait ’til we move back”.

So that’s exactly what we did. In fact, we were out looking for a house in Massachusetts almost immediately after our return to the States. We looked at one home and then happened to drive by a yellow farmhouse with a For Sale sign on the front lawn.  It was love at first sight once I spied that farmhouse, perched on a small hill, with it’s lovely big porch, .

In fact, that’s exactly the way we had found our farmhouse (and the 132 acres it came with) in St. Antoine de Tilly, Quebec, Canada.  We were just driving by.  Who says that some things ‘aren’t meant to be’?

Our farmhouse - St. Antoine de Tilly, QuebecOur beloved farmhouse in St. Antoine de Tilly, Quebec (Canada) which I sold several years ago.

– – – –

I’ve done a ton of work, both inside and out, on my old yellow farmhouse here in Massachusetts over the past eight years. Yet, there’s always something to be done, fixed, repaired, replaced or painted.

Summer 2012 - My Yellow Farmhouse. comMy Yellow Farmhouse – Summer 2013

Although I loved the kitchen the way it was, I felt it was time for a change. And, I gotta say, the make-over really makes my heart happy!!

My kitchen then…

Kitchen - before

My kitchen now..

new kitchen

My kitchen then…. 

Old kitchen

My kitchen now…..

new kitchen

I’m so very pleased with how these shelves turned out. I just bought two boards and six supports – and voila – a place to display some of things we collected on our travels. I was aiming for the look of a kitchen from Provence, France and this shelf really gives it a country-French country.

USE - Kitchen - shelf and shutter with utensils.jpg

Provence - sunflowers




I was lucky enough to find the exact fabric I wanted from a website here in the States which sells fabric from Provence!




Here’s a great idea for having your utensils readily available. I was going to paint one of the old shutters I have out in the barn… but I found this at a discount store – all ready to go !!

USE - Kitchen - shelf and shutter with utensils.jpg (2)

Most of these cooking utensils were my mother’s. Such great memories!!

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12 thoughts on “I’m Loving My “New” Kitchen!!!

  1. Too funny… I was just looking at the photos above and thinking, “So, that’s what my counters look like with NOTHING ON THEM….. I so messy that, usually, there’s not much countertop to be seen !!


    1. Merci ma belle cousine!! Et ma maison est toujours ouvrir pour toi et toute ta famille. Aussi, ici nous avons des bons musees et des bonnes restaurants. Boston est pret de Springfield – deux heures seulment!! ET – en Connecticut sont deux CASINOS excellent !! ; o )


  2. Thank you sooo much! You know, I never realized, when I started my blog, that an added benefit would be all the wonderful, new friends I’d find!! Can’t wait to see what you do with your kitchen!! And thank you, also, for your sweet comments about my “yellow farmhouse”. We used to have – for eight years – a wonderful, old farmhouse in Quebec, complete with 130 acres!! (For several years, we lived between Europe and the farm in Quebec.) But it was just too much for me, after my husband died, to have both the farm AND this house here in the States. I’m gonna have to post some photos of that house ’cause it, too, had a wonderful warmth and charm!


  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog & following. I’ve really been enjoying wandering around your blog as well.
    You’ve done a beautiful job on your kitchen – it’s so bright and welcoming plus it goes so well with your house. I just had to see what you did to it because (hopefully this spring) we’re going to re-do our kitchen. It’s been a long time coming but what started out as just replacing the floor has turned into a total knock-down/gut and almost starting from scratch. Funny how some projects get away from you. But I absolutely love your house too. The porch, the color, and the character are charming.


  4. I LOVE this new kitchen. The colors you picked are so beautiful. (Yellow is my favorite color) it makes your kitchen so bright! Its perfect! Btw….i love reading your stories…theyre always so heartwarming!!


    1. Thanks Tina! I gotta admit, I was a bit concerned about this post…. thinking, “Who wants to read about my new kitchen?” I’m gonna have a “Come See My New Kitchen” party – and you know you’re invited!!


    1. Thanks Deb!! It really is amazing what some paint, fabric and a little imagination can do. Of course, I had to put up with my brother-in-laws (who I really do love!!) for almost two weeks – but it was worth it!!


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